Antonio Ruz Barbarin
Ruiz Barbarin Architects - ARQUIMANIA is an architectural firm with over thirty years of experience developing architecture, urban planning and design projects. A flexible and effective team of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors with solid industry experience, performing diverse quality work carrying out both small and large scale projects, like those developed in the PR of China. The scope includes new projects (more than 12,500 homes projected) and refurbishments (over 100 interventions) for various uses: educational, commercial, leisure, residential and offices, mainly.

The professionals that form the studio base their work on passion for architecture, understood not only as a profession but as a way of life. Performing projects throughout Spain as well as in China, Thailand, Oman, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, India and Russia.

Their work is based on a strong sense of tradition mixed with modernity, being in permanent contact with the University, the emerging world of ideas, discussions, new principles, technologies and materials in a changing and sustainable world. This impregnates their work with a permanent attitude of innovation, rigour and analysis of peculiarities; researching each project urbanistically, architecturally, technically and economically so that each one is special, different and unique; whether large or small scale.


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